Shelly Jamison


Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona

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Make headlines with Shelly Jamison, a former TV reporter from Phoenix, Arizona. She read the news, but then, in a twist of fate, she made it. Miss Jamison appeared in the July 1989 issue of Playboy magazine – clothed on the front and nude inside – a publicity stunt that cost her a job as a local anchor on Channel Ten News. But stay tuned – after a mention in USA Today, dolled-up Shelly got a job as a sideline reporter on RollerGames, counting points at the Jet Jump and trading gags with Chuck ‘n Dave. With blonde hair, a trim figure and the most awe-inducing bust in the Southwest, you don’t have to be an eyewitness to know that Shelly is the real deal.

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  • Phoenix, Arizona
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Anonymous wrote:

What a truly beautiful woman.

1 month ago