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H: 5' 7" | W: 120 lbs | M: 34C-24-34

Playboy: What does working in the big house entail?

Ann: You have to keep your eye on about 100 people. We have male and female inmates. There's a lot of movement as the convicts are shifted around from classes to services to feeding to recreation and showers.

Playboy: You watch the showers?

Ann: Yeah. There's a lot of lesbian activity, but trust me, you do not want to see those women.

Playboy: Other than that, what colorful things do you see?

Ann: Well, there are fights, people getting shanked and suicides. That's the nature of the job. You always have to watch. I sometimes refer to myself as a glorified babysitter.

Playboy: What made you get into this line of work?

Ann: I am not the secretary type. Before this I worked in a coal mine, and I also used to work at a steel mill.

Playboy: What do guys say when you tell them you are a corrections officer?

Ann: "Put on the cuffs."

Playboy: Ever brought the cuffs home?

Ann: After a long day babysitting I use sex to relieve tension, and yes, I've used cuffs. They are uncomfortable, though. I suggest using a ripped T-shirt.

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